Gateway Park Community Organic Garden

The LI Community Network (LICAN) was formed in 2009 in Huntington out of the recognition that social justice activists and food/conservation activists (who had been working side-by-side for many years) had overlapping goals that could be met by uniting in an effort to create community gardens.  These gardens can return some of LI’s rich farmland to production by a new generation of farmers. 

A new community garden in Huntington Station became LICAN’s first project.Their intention was that the new garden would become a template for other community gardens in Huntington and elsewhere on Long Island. LICAN believes  that hunger is a present and growing problem in Huntington Station, a multi-cultural African-American, Hispanic, and White community. With that in mind the goals and benefits of the garden were clear: 
  • It would help alleviate hunger by enabling residents to grow a significant portion of their own food. 
  • Organically grown fresh vegetables and fruit would improve nutrition and health. 
  • Educational programs for adults and children would encourage healthy eating by expanding knowledge of vegetables and fruit and how to incorporate them into daily meals. 
The garden has become a source of pride and cooperation in the community, a place to gather with neighbors and an oasis of peace. 

Apply for a Garden Plot

Gardens in the Gateway Park Community Organic Garden are assigned by LICAN under license agreement with the Town. To apply for a plot, visit LICAN on-line or call at (631) 223-8179.