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The Clifford Soergel Memorial Outreach Garden 

The Clifford Soergel Memorial Outreach Garden is  roughly one-third of an acre and is  located within the much larger Kubecka Community Garden (to see a site map follow this link). The Soergel Garden is managed by the Town's Department of EWM in conjunction with volunteer gardeners from the site. The garden includes:

  • Twenty-two (22) raised garden beds
  • Three (3) double height raised beds for gardeners with Disabilities
  • Ground-level beds
  • Children’s garden
  • Donation table
The Soergel Garden is a memorial to Clifford Soergel a long-time Kubecka gardener at the site who established, maintained and managed this "garden within a garden" with the explicit mandate that the garden beds were free of charge, but half of the produce grown on each bed would be donated to local food banks to feed the needy. This mandate is still adhered to. If you cannot meet this expectation then the Soergel Garden is not for you. There are additional rules for Soergel Gardeners.

Visit the The Clifford Soergel Memorial Outreach Garden page on Facebook for additional information or to connect with other Soergel Gardeners. (The Facebook page is run by volunteer gardeners and is not an official Town of Huntington sanctioned social media page)

Apply for a Garden Plot

Gardens are assigned by the Town's Department of EWM. To apply for a plot, email the Outreach Garden Administrator or call (631) 351-3186.