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Paper & Cardboard Recycling

Junk mail, newspapers and magazines are recyclable. To put out for collection the paper recycling can be: tied into bundles no more than 12” high, put in paper grocery bags, or put in any dedicated recycling container 39 gallons or less (make sure container is uncovered, marked with recycling stickers on both sides and weighs less than 50 lbs. when full). Please do not put recycling out in plastic bags. All cardboard boxes must be flattened and tied into bundles.

Acceptable Paper Recycling


  • Telephone books
  • Junk mail
  • School paper, office paper or other scrap paper 
  • Unsoiled newspapers, magazines, penny-savers
  • Gift boxes
  • Cereal boxes (Remove plastic liner)
  • Detergent, macaroni and shoe boxes (Remove plastic windows, if any, from the boxes)
  • Corrugated shipping and packing boxes.

Prohibited Paper recyclingExclude

  • Tissues
  • Soiled paper 
  • Paper towels
  • Milk, juice and egg cartons
  • All wax coated cardboard
  • Books, 
  • Soiled cardboard food boxes 

Place these items with your regular garbage.