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Stop LIPA Tax Hike

June 2013

Dear __________________:

As a resident of the Town of Huntington, I am gravely concerned about proposed State legislation to restructure LIPA because it fails to include language to settle the property tax lawsuits that LIPA and National Grid have filed against the Town of Huntington and other municipalities where power generating stations are sited.

LIPA is attempting to claw back from Huntington residents over $270 million in taxes paid by the utility going as far back as 2010. If the law suit succeeds Town residents face a 15% increase in real property tax bills and those living in the Northport-East Northport School District face an additional increase in school taxes on the order of 60%.

This will devastate the owners of residential and business property in Huntington, depress property values and undermine the local economy.

Our Town has been the host community to the Northport Power Station for over fifty years. One of the expectations a host community has is that the utility will contribute to the economy and the local tax base. When LIPA was formed, Huntington made a commitment to freeze the assessment on the Power Station in return for LIPA’s promise to refrain from challenging the valuation of the Northport Plant in court.

Huntington has kept its pledge, but LIPA has reneged.

The State Legislature must ensure that any bill to restructure LIPA include a settlement to these onerous Tax Certiorari lawsuits and guarantee that LIPA/National Grid or any successors stand by the pledge to Huntington and other host communities to maintain the utility's contribution to the local tax base.


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