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10/29/2015 - Affordable Units Still Available at The Club at Melville
The Town of Huntington Community Development Agency announces that it is accepting applications for a limited number of income-restricted units, priced at $327,000, at the Club at Melville, a newly-constructed 55-and-over gated luxury condominium community on Deshon Drive.

Approximately 10 units remain to be sold in this income classification, with the CDA having exhausted the list of persons who participated in the July 2014 lottery. To be eligible, the maximum income for a family of one or two is $104,650; for a family of three, $117,700; and for a family of four, $130,800. Applicants must also meet asset qualification.

For more details about the community, including photographs, persons can visit the developmentā€™s website, Additional details about eligibility guidelines and estimated monthly carrying charges can be viewed or downloaded. An application can also be downloaded. Interested persons can also call the CDA at (631) 351-2884 for more information and an application package. The CDA is processing the qualification forms.

The apartments in the 260-unit development were offered for sale in three categories, in accordance with the requirements of Town Code, with the price based on the income category: 80 percent of median income, 120 percent of the median income and 130 percent of median income. These units are in the 120 percent income category. The 80 percent units were fully subscribed; units in the 130 percent category, carrying the highest price (currently $400,601.50) were made available to the general public after that list was exhausted.