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4/13/2018 - Lupinacci Asks for Public’s Help in Tracking Down Stolen $2,875 Radar Driver Speed Feedback Sign

Huntington – Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci is asking the Huntington community for their help in tracking down a portable radar driver feedback sign, stolen from its location on Warner Road Thursday, April 12.


“These radar feedback signs are an important resource that help keep our roads safe, making drivers aware of how fast they are going, and the data that is collected helps the Town implement traffic safety measures where they are needed most,” said Supervisor Lupinacci, who is encouraging residents to report any information that may lead to the recovery of the stolen sign by calling the Second Precinct at (631) 854-8250.


The radar driver feedback sign, which reads “Your Speed” above the displayed captured speed of an approaching car, was stolen from a utility pole on Warner Road in Huntington. The Town has deployed 12 of these signs, valued at $2,875 each, which are moved around the town in response to resident speeding concerns. The Town’s Traffic Safety Division filed a police report on the stolen sign with the Second Precinct.


In the photo: Radar driver feedback sign shown at Dunlop Road and Meadow Pond Court in Huntington.