Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

6/7/2018 - Town Approves Road Repaving Funding and Schedules Public Hearing to Limit Noise Pollution

At its June 5 meeting, the Huntington Town Board approved measures funding road repaving and other improvements throughout the Town, scheduled a public hearing to consider limiting the operating time for noise-producing leaf blowers, and established standards and procedures for the placement of memorials at Town parks, beaches and public property.


The Town Board passed various bonding measures for needed improvements on Town property and at Town facilities, most of which are subject to permissive referendum, including funding for the rehabilitation of Town-maintained roads: paving, geometric and structural improvements, drainage improvements, and the resurfacing of parking lots owned or maintained by the Town.


“We have heard your safety concerns over the numerous potholes on roads throughout the Town and while our Highway Department has been repairing thousands of potholes this year on Town-maintained roads,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci, “some of our roads are in such bad shape, they need to be completely repaved.” The approved funding can only be used for Town-maintained roads. County and State roads must be repaired by the County and the State, respectively, from their highway budgets.


Permissive referendum is a provision of the law which requires Towns to offer their citizens an opportunity to vote on certain actions taken by the Town Board.


In addition to road rehabilitation, the Town Board also approved funding for improvements to tanks and sumps at Town facilities, acquisition of drainage equipment, replacement of the roof at the old ice rink, and the installation of fencing at various locations.


The Town Board scheduled a public hearing to limit noise disturbances, specifically considering delaying the start time for the operation of noise-producing leaf blowers on Sundays and Legal Holidays from 9:00am to 11:00am.


“The goal is to reduce noise pollution, so residents can enjoy their homes in peace, and balance that with the needs of residents to maintain their properties,” said Supervisor Lupinacci, who sponsored the resolution to schedule the public hearing. “After reviewing the Codes of surrounding local municipalities, delayed start times for leaf blowers on Sundays and Legal Holidays appears to make the most sense in achieving that goal.”


The public hearing to consider delaying start times for leaf blower operation on Sundays and Legal Holidays is scheduled for the June 19, 2018 Town Board Meeting at 7:00 PM.


The Town Board voted to establish standards for the placement of memorials at Town parks, beaches and public property, revising policies, procedures and criteria, including the implementation of a fee structure which reduces the cost to the person or group wishing to dedicate the memorial.


Supervisor Lupinacci, who sponsored the resolution, explained: “The new policy helps the Town control aesthetics at our parks and beaches, as it sets standards and procedures, adds environmental benefits, and makes it less costly for those wishing to honor their loved ones by purchasing the memorial through Town bid pricing.”


All new memorials will be “living” memorials purchased for $850 through the Town, covering the cost of a tree of choice, an engraved bronze or aluminum plaque, shipping, the professional planting of the tree, and replacement within 5 years for qualifying scenarios. The new procedure saves the applicant hundreds of dollars or more and it implements a $50 application fee to cover the Town's administrative costs in handing memorial application requests.


In other action, the Town Board:

  • Approved bonding measures for improvements at the facilities of the Huntington Sewer District, the Greenlawn Water District and the Dix Hills Water District, the latter two of which the Town serves as a pass-through for, as the water districts, which are controlled by their own elected boards, cannot approve their own bonding measures.

  • Scheduled additional public hearings for the June 19, 2018 Town Board Meeting at 7:00 PM:

    • To consider authorizing various actions be taken upon blighted properties.

    • To consider installation of stop signs for northbound and southbound traffic on Lincoln Avenue at 5th Avenue in East Northport.

  • Scheduled a public hearing for the August 7, 2018 Town Board Meeting at 7:00 PM to consider a zone change application, submitted by Platt’s Park Avenue LLC III, from R-15 Residence District to C-1 Office Residence District for the property located on the east corner of East Main Street and Park Avenue, Huntington.