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Injured Wildlife

Category: Maritime Services
You can contact the following organizations if you see endangered or injured wildlife: For local animals and birds you can contact Volunteers for Wildlife by preferred method via their website:, under contacts tab, fill in the email information describing the injury and/or add a photo. By utilizing email, several volunteers will receive the message simultaneously, or if you do not have access, leave a message by phone @ 516-674-0982. They have an answering machine that they check within the half-hour to hour and they will get back to you within a short period of time. For birds, you can contact Theodore Roosevelt Sanctuary 516-922-3200. For endangered or stranded marine animals (i.e. seals, sea turtles etc.) contact the Riverhead Foundation at 631-369-9840 or the (24 Hour Hotline Number at 631-369-9829. For other animals, contact Animal Control at 631-754-8722
Updated 8/21/2019 3:44 PM