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Replacing Expired Permit

Category: PERMITS/CO'S

As long as the work is exactly the same as the original application, residents may apply to replace an expired permit. If not exactly the same, the changes will be considered Built Without a Permit (BWO). 


Checklist for Expired Permit Requirements (EXP):

  • Building Permit Application (Form 87-01), signed and notarized - staff will assist applicants with the top portion of the form -  Description: REPLACEMENT PERMIT # (XXXXX)
  • Two (2) Current Survey to scale, sealed and dated within the past six months
  • Photos of the Interior and Exterior of the project - printed and labeled 
  • Two (2) sets - Building Plans - Copy of the Original Approved Plans or 2 sets 'As Built' plans; Building Plans must be in accordance with the New York State Building Code - Architectural 
  • Fee - will be determined based upon the square footage of the plan


When Appropriate:

  • Articles of Corporation for the signature on the applications when the name of the property is a Corporate name
  • Proof of Ownership if the property history name is different than the applicant
  • Agent Authorization Letter - when an agent is representing the owner we require a notarized letter stating that the scope of their involvement including filing permits, answering questions, receiving permits, etc. 
Updated 10/18/2022 11:49 AM