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Requirements for New Work Permit

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As long as there are no structural changes or detached structures found to have been completed without a permit (BWO), a new permit application will be processed.

Checklist for New Work Permit Requirements (NEW):

  • Building Permit Application (Form 87-01) - signed and notarized - staff will assist applicants with the top portion of the form - Description: provide description of the proposed work, identify dimensions and square foot of addition and alterations, new rooms vs relocated rooms
  • Most recent Survey to scale - a Final Survey will be required before a Certificate of Occupancy will be issued
  • Plot Plan - survey showing what is to be constructed
  • Three (3) sets of Building Plans - proposed work identified with dimensions and square footage; be sure to label existing condition and relocation or new with regard to rooms; it may be necessary to provide previous plans and survey (can be obtained through FOIL)
  • Suffolk County Department of Health Approved Application/Receipt with a R# is required with the application packet when adding a 'potential sleeping room' to any dwelling not on the sewer system - speak to your design professional about this requirement
  • Fee - will be determined based upon the square footage of the plan


Not needed to submit an application but required to obtain the permit:

  • Workers' Compensation with the Town of Huntington as the Certificate Holder. We only accept form C1052 or u26.3 - we do not accept ACCORD insurance; not needed to file but definitely required to obtain a permit
  • Suffolk County Home Improvement Photo ID - their name must be on the Workers' Compensation; not needed to file but definitely required to obtain a permit


When Appropriate:

  • Articles of Corporation for the signature on the applications when the name of the property is a Corporate name
  • Proof of Ownership if the property history name is different than the applicant
  • Agent Authorization Letter - when an agent is representing the owner, we require a notarized letter stating the scope of their involvement including filing permits, answering questions, receiving permits, etc. 
Updated 10/18/2022 11:57 AM