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Amended Plans for an Active/Existing Permit

Category: PERMITS/CO'S

General guidelines are when changes: to increase or decrease number of rooms; change their size or the use of the room that is different than the approved plan; or when adding square footage to a project.


Steps required to Amend an Existing Permit:

  • New signed and notarized application with the Description: AMEND P# (XXXXX) for: ______ (state the change)
  • Submit four (4) sets of plans (bubble out area of change)
  • Submit $200 check for the plans to be reviewed again
  • There will be an additional fee if square footage is added to the project
  • Submit the Amendment to the Permit Examiner who 'took in' the application - we work Amendments into our schedule as soon as possible
  • It may be necessary to update the Workers' Compensation and Suffolk County License if they have expired during the time of the permit and before an Amended Permit will be issued
  • If the plan is to change the type of wood or simple structural changes, those go directly to the Plan Examiner for their review
Updated 10/18/2022 12:18 PM