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Columbia Terrace 

VETERANS: If you are a Veteran and you are interested in Columbia Terrace please click here to review the guidelines.  To fill out the Pre-Lottery form and sign up on our Columbia Terrace Veterans Inquiry List please click here.

Note: Signing up on our Columbia Terrace Inquiry List in no way enters you into a lottery.


The Huntington Community Development Agency is pleased to announce that there are still affordable units available at Columbia Terrace, a Veterans preferred housing development located at the corner of Lowndes Avenue and Columbia Street, Huntington Station. 

The sales price for a 2-bedroom 2-bathroom unit is 253,250.00, and a 1-bedroom 1- bathroom condo is $233,250.00.  To view copies of the floor plans, click here.

 Please feel free to contact the Agency with any questions at 631-351-2884. 

Complete terms are in the Offering Plan available from the Sponsor, File No. CD19-0243.