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Commercial Fishing Advisory Council

Members of the Commercial Fishing Advisory Council advise the Town Board on matters related to the commercial fishing industry and serve for terms concurrent with the appointing Town Board member:

Dan Froehlich Councilman Edmund J. Smyth

Councilman Edmund J. Smyth
George Doll Councilman Mark A. Cuthbertson
Michael Doall Councilman Mark A. Cuthbertson
Charles Murphy Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci
Robert Wemyss Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci
William Wieck Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci
Tor Vincent Councilman Eugene Cook
Tim O'Brien Councilman Eugene Cook
Daniel Crowe Councilwoman Joan A. Cergol
Peter Lauda Councilwoman Joan A. Cergol