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Huntington Animal Shelter Off-Leash Dog Run

The Town of Huntington maintains a dog run park at the Huntington Animal Shelter located at:

106 Deposit Road
East Northport, NY 11731

Use of the dog run is at your own risk. The Town is NOT responsible for injuries to you or your dog. Dog owners are legally responsible for the conduct of their animals and any injuries caused by their dogs.

Huntington Dog Run Rules

  • A permit from the Huntington Animal Shelter is required to use the run. 
  • To qualify for a permit dogs must be licensed as well as spayed/neutered with proof of current rabies vaccination. 
  • To use the run, Dogs must wear a collar and tag.
  • Owners must have a leash and dogs must be leashed on the way to and from the run. 
  • Owners must clean up after their pets. (Dog feces must be picked up immediately and deposited in the designated container.)
  • Dog owners must be present at all times and in view of their dogs.
  • Owners should know the difference between play and aggression. (Leash and remove an aggressive dog from the run area.)
  • Owners must immediately fill any holes dug by their dogs.
  • Excessive barking must be controlled.
  • Refrain from bringing children into the run. (If present, children must be accompanied by and under the direct supervision of an adult.)
  • In all cases, owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs.
  • Dogs must be four months of age or older. 
  • There is a limit of 2 dogs per person per visit.
  • Professional dog trainers are prohibited from use of the run for business purposes.
  • No smoking or eating is permitted in the dog run area. 
  • Discretion should be used when giving treats or toys in the run.

Violators and their pets are subject to removal from the dog park, suspension/revocation of their use permit and/or issuance of summonses under the Town's Animal Control code. For additional information, call: (631) 754-8722. 

Contact Information

Michael J. Costa, Division Head
Huntington Animal Shelter
106 Deposit Road
East Northport, NY 11731
Hours of Operation
Monday -Friday (8am - 6pm)
Weekends (9am - 4pm) 
Phone: (631) 754-8722     

After-Hours Emergency Only
Phone: (631) 351-3234

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