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Grading Permit

A Grading permit is required for a change in the contour or topography of any land or to fill depressions or to exchange land including hillside areas. In no event shall the final grade exceed a slope of one (1) on three (3).

Filing Instructions. The following items must be submitted to file for a grading permit:

1. Two (2) completed Building Permit Application (87-01). Application forms should be filled out in their entirety and must be signed by the property owner and notarized. (NOT the applicant.) If the owner is a corporation, the full names and addresses of all officers. 
2. A completed grading questionnaire filled out Grading Questionnaire (87-09). 
3. Four (4) copies of a recent complete survey by a licensed surveyor. 
4. Site plan showing the existing and proposed topography, the nature and location of existing vegetation, and a stabilization plan for the final grade. 
5. The amount of fill to be added, moved, replaced or excavated.
6. A work schedule indicating the start date, anticipated, including the tax map # and street address.
7. The full names and address of all property owners. 
8. The name (s) and address (es) of the contractor (s), license number and proof of workers compensation coverage. 
9. A sworn and notarized statement by the property owner attesting that there are no covenants and restrictions or other impediment which would prohibit the proposed change in the contour of the land, and is such covenants and restrictions or impediment exist, a full copy of same shall be provided with the application. 
10. Such other information and documentation requested by the Director. 
11. Certificate of Worker’s Compensation (Use form C-105.2 or U-26.3 as applicable.)  
12. Copy of Suffolk County Home Improvement License Photo ID.