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Grass Mulching

Cut grass is prohibited from the curbside collection of yardwaste. Residents are encouraged to recycle their grass on their lawns as an effective disposal alternative. Here are some steps to successful grass recycling at your home:

1)Allow your lawn to grow at least three inches high. When mowing cut no more than one inch off the top. Mow only when the grass is dry.

2)Leave the grass clippings in place, do not bag them. Grass decomposes quickly and acts as a natural fertilizer. The left-in-place clippings also keep the lawn moist and protect against disease.

3)Water your lawn in the early morning hours (between 6 and 10 A.M.) Water a maximum of three to four hours per week, less if it rains.

4)Don’t over-fertilize. grass clippings left in place actually fertilize the lawn. Fertilizer need only be applied three times a year, around Memorial day, Labor day and Thanksgiving.

5)Keep your mower blade sharp or consider replacing it with a mulching mower blade. these blades cut and re-cut the grass leaving much finer clippings that decompose faster.

Video: How mulching mower blades work