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Appliance & Metal Collection

For pick- up of large appliances call your carter and schedule a date to collect the item(s). To contact your carter please use the "My Services - Huntington" webpage to look up your carters contact information.

You must make an appointment to dispose of a refrigerator, air conditioner, or other appliance containing CFC (chlorofluorocarbon) gas. CFC, also called Freon, is found in appliances that cool or chill. Before these appliances can be processed, the CFC must be removed from the appliance in an environmentally safe manner so the appliance can then be recycled safely. Your sanitation carter is required by law to have CFC gas  removed by a third party vendor from any appliances they collect curbside.

Do not place appliances at the curb until the evening before your scheduled pick up day.


Washer, dryer, oven, dishwasher (if primarily made of plastic then the carter may opt to take as a bulk item on second collection day of the week, refrigerator (NY State law requires refrigerator doors to be removed before disposal), lawn mower (must be emptied of all fuels and oil before collection), air conditioner (may contain CFC gas), dehumidifier (may contain CFC gas) , water cooler (may contain CFC gas), water heater, metal filing cabinet, bicycle, etc.


Microwave ovens (put out as a bulk waste item on your second trash collection day of the week alongside your household trash).
Computers & monitors, TV’s, electronic devices or other e-waste. E-waste items are not considered appliances. These items can be dropped off at the Town’s E-Waste Recycling Center or you can schedule a curbside e-waste pick up

Small metal items & appliances such as toasters, electric fry pans, range hoods, as well as small hand and power tools, tire rims and silverware can be dropped off at the Town Recycling Center in the scrap metal container at the facility.

Note: Porcelain or ceramic fixtures are prohibited from curbside collection. These items must be taken to the landfill drop off.