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Move Ins & Move Outs

Move Out ProhibitedImportant Information Regarding Sanitation For Move-ins And Move-outs In The Town of Huntington:

The Town of Huntington has very specific rules and regulations for curbside collection service. These rules limit the amount of trash and debris that may be placed out for any particular pick up. It is a violation of Town Code to place more items at the curb than are permitted by the regulations. This includes move-ins and move-outs. The owner of record at the time of the violation will be issued a “Notice of Violation” by the Town that will give them a specified time limit to rectify the violation. If the violation is not corrected within that time limit, a summons may be issued.

There are no special pick ups available for amounts exceeding these collection limits. It is the responsibility of the owner or occupant at the time the violation is noted to arrange for alternative disposal. These alternative arrangements can include:

  • Removing the excess items from the curb and disposing of them over time in full compliance with the rules of collection.
  • Hiring a private waste hauler to supply a roll off container to the property for removing the materials.
  • Self-hauling the excess items to an appropriate disposal facility and paying for disposal.

Any residential buyers who are closing on their new property are strongly advised to have the previous owner or occupants dispose of all of waste and debris prior to closing. Failure to do so may result in a Town Code Violation and unforeseen expenses to the new homeowner for alternative removal of excess refuse or rubbish that is curbside.