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Goals/Action Matrix

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The NHWQPC has prepared an Action Matrix that has identified and actively promotes a number goals and project initiatives designed to improve the water quality of the Northport Bay Complex, including the very important Public Education and Outreach function of which this webpage is part. The Action Matrix includes:

1) An upgrade of the Northport Sewage Treatment Plant and sewer lines
2) Natural filtration of algae through aquaculture and stocking shellfish beds
3) Reduction in storm water run-off entering the NBC
4) Promoting dredging activity to increase tidal flushing action
5) Identifying and shuttering illicit discharges
6) Examining the impact of cesspools
7) Promoting the adoption of an Inter-municipal agreement with neighboring Villages
8) Engaging a professional at SUNY Stony Brook to test, monitor, and make recommendations
9) Educate the public to build awareness and political consensus for action.

The NHWQPC has identified the top three priorities: research/studies, infrastructure, and dredging.  The committee is working to fund a "Nitrogen Budget" study for the complex that identifies the major sources of input and percentages of contribution, the first step in developing a comprehensive plan to curb nitrogen pollution.  

One known source of nitrogen is the Northport Village Sewage Treatment Plant (STP). Northport recently completed a major upgrade to its STP, part of a $9-million sanitary sewer system upgraded.  Northport has met the 2014 mandated nitrogen reductions as set by the EPA’s Long Island Sound Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL). The NHWQPC has been a major champion of the STP upgrade and advocate for State and County grant assistance to help pay for the improvements.  The committee continues to work with federal and state elected and appointed officials to advance the financing of the other NHWQPC sponsored projects.