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In an effort to go green by going paperless the Town of Huntington is providing you with the ability to opt out of receiving the printed Trash Pick Up & Recycling Calendar in the USPS mail. By completing the information below you will be requesting your removal from the mailing list for the calendar. Individuals completing the information below must be authorized to make decisions for the household that is being removed from the list.

Opt out requests received on or before November 17, 2017 will be removed from the mailing list for the 2018 calendar. Requests received after this date will be held until the 2019 calendar is mailed next year. Participants enrolled in the opt out program will be emailed a digital link to the calendar when it is posted on the Town’s website along with a link to the trash collection schedule on-line.

Prior to the mailing of future calendars participants will be contacted by email to confirm that they wish to continue their enrollment in the program.