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Important Information About the Melville Town Center

Over the past year, the Town of Huntington has been working diligently with the Melville Community to create a walkable downtown with mixed-use development entirely south of the Long Island Expressway.

After five general listening sessions and over 20 breakout meetings, the Town of Huntington is presenting an ambitious plan - the “Melville Town Center” concept to the public through a series of public hearings on two code change resolutions – 2024-178 and 2024-179.

We heard both positive and critical comments during the public hearings, and some include concerns of the towns process in moving the concept forward for the Town Center. The proposed code amendments provide a framework for development. There’s not a specific project being proposed.

Site specific plans must fit within the proposed framework in order to be considered. Each individual proposed plan will have its own environmental review, public hearing, and Town Board vote.

As we move forward with the public hearings, we are listening to the suggestions and comments of the community, especially those that are directly impacted by any outcome. The thoughts of the Melville residents and stakeholders will continue to be a priority in the process.

The next public hearing is:

Tuesday, June 11, 2024 at 7:00 pm at Town Hall, part of Huntington’s regular monthly Town Board Meetings.

All interested stakeholders are urged to attend and share your thoughts. If you can’t attend, please share your questions, comments, and concerns with the Town by emailing us at: All correspondence will be reviewed and entered into public record.

We are proud of the process and transparency so far. We hope the communication continues so we can make the best decision for everyone involved.

This webpage is intended to keep the communication flowing and maintain transparency. It will be updated as new information and details become available.

We hope you will visit this site often to stay informed.

Thank you.


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