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Town of Huntington, NY - News Details

4/9/2020 - Lupinacci Asks Huntington Residents, Landscapers to Refrain from Leaf Blower Use During Crisis

Huntington – Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci has requested that residents and landscapers refrain from gas-powered and other types of leaf blower use during the Coronavirus pandemic.


“We are asking residents and landscapers to refrain from using gas-powered and electric-powered leaf-blowers  during the remainder of the Coronavirus pandemic for the purposes of public health and safety,” said Supervisor Chad A. Lupinacci. “We are also asking landscapers to adhere to social distancing protocols and avoid any type of transportation or service that violates these protocols.”


At the March 31, 2020 Town Board meeting, which was held remotely, the Town Board amended the Code of the Town of Huntington Chapter 141 (Noise); to set forth in greater detail when the use of gas-powered leaf blowers would be deemed a noise disturbance, reducing acceptable hours for use of gas-powered leaf blowers by one hour on weekdays (ending at 6:00 PM instead of 7:00 PM), eliminating commercial use of gas-powered leaf blowers on residential property on Sundays and holidays, and clarifying the definition of a noise disturbance.


At the same Town Board meeting, the Town established Chapter 132 (Landscaping) of the Code of the Town of Huntington; to establish a commercial landscaper registry for Suffolk County-licensed landscapers wishing to operate within the Town, via registering with the Town Clerk, and to promote the use of energy-efficient equipment. The establishment of a procedure to allow for licensed landscapers to register with the Town Clerk’s office is underway and it will be announced when the registration process is ready for landscaper applications.