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Bulk Trash Pick Up 

You may place curbside up to 4 bulk items on your second garbage collection day of the week. A bulk item is any object heavier than 50 lbs. or larger than 2×2×4 feet or any acceptable construction and demolition debris. Residents are advised that home improvements contractors are required by Town Code §  133-1. I. to remove any waste generated by their activities from the premises and dispose of them on their own. These materials cannot be placed for curbside collection.

Important Information Regarding Sanitation For Move-ins And Move-outs In The Town of Huntington

Your Four Weekly Bulk Items May Include:

  • Furniture: couch, sleeper sofa, mattress, box spring, head board, foot board, chair, sectional sofa section, dining table, end table, coffee table, kitchenette, stool, ottoman, nightstand, dresser (please keep all drawers inside unit), armoire, hutch, server, credenza, curio (tape glass if needed), breakfront (tape glass if needed), wall unit (tape glass if needed), et al. Each piece is considered one bulk item.
  • Carpet/Rugs/Padding: must be cut in 4 foot lengths, rolled, bundled and tied. Each roll is one bulk item.
  • Construction/Demolition Debris. Items from homeowner’s do-it-yourself projects (scrap lumber, vinyl tiles, insulation, pegboard, etc.): bags or containers (less than 50 lbs.) or bundled and tied (less than 50 lbs.) Nails must be removed or flattened. Large panels must be cut in half. Each half is considered one bulk item.
  • Doors (solid wood doors, wood garage doors, hollow wood doors): Solid and garage doors panels must be cut in half, each half of the individual panel is considered one bulk item.
  • Railroad Ties: must be cut in 4 foot lengths, and then bundled and tied.
  • Stockade fencing: must be cut in 4 foot lengths, bundled and tied, loose pickets must be bundled and tied and have nails flattened or removed.
  • Rimless Tires. Two rimless tires are permitted for disposal on your second trash collection day each week.
  • Pool/Pool Liners: liners and soft plastic molded pools must be cut to 4 foot lengths, rolled, and tied. Each roll is one bulk item.
  • Windows (wood frame and plastic frame): Glass must be taped on both sides. Each window is one bulk item.
  • Large Toys. Each toy is considered one bulk item.

These Items Are Prohibited:

  • Porcelain or ceramic fixtures (toilets, tiles, some sinks, etc.)
  • Bricks, mortar, concrete debris, and cement rubble
  • Granite countertops or man-made stone/solid surface countertops
  • Stones and dirt/sand that was part of a construction or landscaping project or removed from the Town's right of way in the street.

These items can not be processed in an Energy from Waste Facility and therefore must be self-hauled to the landfill drop off for disposal. Telephone # 269-6600.