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Outdoor Murals & Mosaics (Town-Sponsored)

Town-sponsored (or Town-owned) exterior murals, whether painted or created as a mosaic of ceramic tiles, are documented in this inventory category.

Title:  Sailing in Huntington Bay

Artist(s):  PROJECT ARTIST:  Garin Baker, Carriage House Art Studio; PROJECT EXCEL ARTS COORDINATOR:  Chris Ricco; PROJECT EXCEL TEEN APPRENTICES:  Alex Bodner, Sarah Bregman, Morgan Brown, Jimmy Collins, Gina Fargnoli, Danielle Giangrasso, Jordan Gibbs, Jennifer Hainy, Jesse Hammel, Lindsay Larkin, Alyson Malico, Gabby Morales, Brenna Murdock, Greg Oh, Danni Reinbachs, Joselin Rodriguez, Matt Rueger, Paulina Stewart, Kim Stodinski, Brandon Wall, & Brit Wurtz

Other Collaborators:  INSTALLATION CREW:  Carriage House Art Studio, Harrison Baker, Bryan Guglielmi, Gabe Tiberino; PROJECT SPONSORS:  Town of Huntington Public Art Initiative, Town of Huntington EOSPA Fund, A&P (on behalf of Waldbaums), Huntington Village BID, Aboff's Paints; TOWN OF HUNTINGTON:  Frank P. Petrone, Supervisor; Mark Cuthbertson, Councilman; Susan A. Berland, Councilwoman; Stuart P. Besen, Councilman; Glenda A. Jackson, Councilwoman; PUBLIC ART ADVISORY COMMITTEE:  Sara Ronald Bluestone, Chairperson; Robert Carter; Lynn Casey; Kim D'Ambrosio; Claudia Gomez; Arlene Klein; Mark McAteer; Ed McEvoy; James Metcalfe; STAFF COORDINATORS:  Kristen Gaumont, John Coraor

Year of Creation:  2009

Medium:  Mural:  Novacolor acrylic on polytab cloth panels adhered to cinderblock wall

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  24 x 143 ft.

Description:  A 3,430 sq. ft. mural depicting sailboats and the Huntington Lighthouse in Huntington Bay backlit by the setting sun.  This community mural project was designed and executed by an artist team of teen apprentices led by a professional mural artist, assisted by the Arts Coordinator of the Town of Huntington Youth Bureau's Project Excel. 

Markings/Inscriptions:  Credit plaque listing the artists and collaborators as listed above. 

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  Rear wall of Waldbaums building facing Town parking lot in the 200 block of New York Ave.

Owner/Administrator:  Town of Huntington


NOTE:  To view a larger image of this work visit Town-Sponsored Public Art

Title:  Town Hall Mural

Artist(s):  Melissa Meyer

Year of Creation:  1993

Medium:  Unknown paint on brick

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  120 x 240 in.

Description:  A naturalistic, painterly representation of a lush green landscape.  Includes a middle ground lake, distant mountains, and a foreground birch tree, which appears to emerge from a window on the building. 

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  Huntington Town Hall, 100 Main St. (located on a wall in an interior courtyard visible from windows adjacent to the entrance to the Town Board Room)

Owner/Administrator:  Town of Huntington