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Outdoor Sculpture

Outdoor installations of publicly accessible three-dimensional artworks that are NOT owned by the Town are documented in this section of the Public Art Inventory. 

Title:  Wall Relief

Artist(s):  Charles Reina

Year of Creation:  1970

Medium:  Hammered bronze on interlocking grid

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  144 x 324 x 35 in.

Description:  Eight triangular and linear curved elements create an interplay of positive and negative space juxtaposed with the ever-changing pattern of natural light and shadows they cast.             

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  West Hollow Middle School, 250 Old East Neck Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  Half Hollow Hills School District


Title:  Untitled

Artist(s):  Scott Anderson

Year of Creation:  1971

Medium:  Concrete

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  64 x 60 x 23 in.

Description:  Abstract pair of partial rectangular slabs that create circular negative space at their intersection. 

Hamlet:  Northport

Street/Site Location:  Northport Public Library, 151 Laurel Ave.

Owner/Administrator:  Northport Public Library


Title:  Asharoken Indian

Artist(s):  Sauro Bertagnino

Year of Creation:  1988

Other Dates: Donated to the Village of Asharoken in 1988 by Anthony & Victoria Sbarro.

Medium:  Carved white Carrara marble

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  72 x 20 x 23 in.

Description:  Carved marble representational figure of a Native American male in loincloth and full Western headdress - his head back, face to the sky, both arms offering a peace pipe upwards. 

Hamlet:  Asharoken

Street/Site Location:  Asharoken Village Hall, 1 Asharoken Ave.

Owner/Administrator:  Village of Asharoken


Title:  Balanced Rectangles

Artist(s):  Paul Sisko

Year of Creation:  1989

Other Dates: Commissioned by Reckson Associates, the work was subsequently sold with the property on which it is located.

Medium:  Unknown

Description:  Two bright red, vertical rectangular forms, stacked on top of each other, with the top form offset to one side as if were toppling from the lower form. 

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  Baylis Rd., West of Route 110

Owner/Administrator:  Unknown


Title:  Birth

Artist(s):  Arthur Williams

Year of Creation:  1989

Medium:  Cast bronze

Description:  A central orb flanked by two cracked shell-like forms on a bronze plinth atop a concrete base. 

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  395 North Service Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  RXR Realty


Title:  Hope

Artist(s):  Roberto Julio Bessin

Year of Creation:  2009

Other Dates: Installed January 2010

Medium:  Welded bronze rod

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  22 x 6 x 6 ft.

Description:  This 22 ft. tall sculpture of a blue heron looking skyward was formed using an open lattice of welded bronze rods.  The work was modeled on a 40 ft. version created by the same artist when he resided in the area.  For a few years in the late 1980s, this larger work graced the opposite shore of the Titus Mill Pond from the site of the current work.  When the larger work was sold to a private collector, the Centerport community regretted its departure and, years later, its memory prompted the community to commission the current work. 

Hamlet:  Centerport

Street/Site Location:  Heron Park, Centershore Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  Although Heron Park is owned by the Town of Huntington, Centerport Harbor Civic Association commissioned the sculpture and is responsible for its maintenance and preservation.


Title:  Aluminum Figures in Still Pool

Artist(s):  Unknown

Year of Creation:  1989

Medium:  Aluminum

Description:  Six flat, aluminum figures in silhouette stand in shallow pool with fountains. 

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  534 Broadhollow Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  534 Broadhollow LLC


Title:  Sail Forms

Artist(s):  Charles Reina

Year of Creation:  1968

Medium:  Hammered bronze on interlocking grid

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  480 x 144 x 36 in.

Description:  Eight triangular sail forms in a graceful vertical composition create an interplay of positive and negative space with an ever-changing natural light and shadow component. 

Hamlet:  Dix Hills

Street/Site Location:  Half Hollow Hills High School East, 50 Vanderbilt Parkway

Owner/Administrator:  Half Hollow Hills School District 


Title:  Unknown

Artist(s):  Unknown

Year of Creation:  1987

Medium:  Unknown

Description:  A towering abstract work with sweeping arcs and triangular forms. 

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  225 Broadhollow Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  Investors Warranty of America, Inc. 


Title:  Unknown

Artist(s):  Unknown

Year of Creation:  1989

Other Dates: Commissioned by Reckson Associates in 1989, the work was subsequently sold along with the surrounding property.

Medium:  Unknown

Description:  An energetic red zigzag is created with four progressively smaller tilting rectangles ascending upward. 

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  175 Broadhollow Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  OLS Holdings, Inc.


Title:  Mobile

Artist(s):  Unknown

Year of Creation:  1989

Medium:  Unknown

Description:  A wind-propelled mobile with sail-like and circular shapes painted yellow and orange, mounted on three blue vertical planes. 

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  200 Broadhollow Rd.

Owner/Administrator:  RXT Realty


Title:  Unknown

Artist(s):  Unknown

Year of Creation:  1990

Medium:  Unknown

Description:  A blue disk with a central hole is split by a sinuous red crack.  The work rests on a stone, bench-like base, creating a work evocative of Asian motifs. 

Hamlet:  Melville

Street/Site Location:  Melville Expressway Corporate Center

Owner/Administrator:  Unknown 


Title:  Unknown

Artist(s):  Unknown

Year of Creation:  Unknown

Medium:  Limestone

Approx. Dimensions (HxWxD):  66 x 24 x 24 in.

Description:  Classical style, draped, headless figure of a woman, reminiscent of Venus, one of the remaining three of the original four representations of the seasons from the Original Marshall Field estate. 

Hamlet:  Village of Lloyd Harbor

Street/Site Location:  Caumsett State Historic Park, 25 Lloyd Harbor Rd. (inside walled garden)

Owner/Administrator:  NYS Office of Parks, Recreation & Historic Preservation