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Outdoor Murals & Mosaics - Archive

Exterior murals or mosaics NOT sponsored or owned by the Town of Huntington that formerly were publicly accessible at locations in Huntington, but have subsequently been de-installed, are documented in this section of the Public Art Inventory in order to retain an archival record of their prior existence. 

Title:  George Washington Mural

Artist(s):  Erich Preis

Year of Creation:  Circa 2010-2011 

(NOTE:  This mural, and other murals at this location, appear to have been removed in association with departure of the Spirit of Huntington Art Center, which had temporarily operated out of this building.  The Art Center relocated in November 2013 to the former South Huntington Public Library building at 2 Melville Rd., Huntington Station. As this and other murals had been painted on plywood panels, it is possible that they are still extant at locations unknown.)

Medium:  Paint on plywood panels

Description:  A representational depiction of the arrival of President George Washington by carriage at Platt's Tavern in Huntington in 1790 during his post-Revolutionary War tour of Long Island. 

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  Southeast corner of Main St. and Park Ave. (site of the original Platt's Tavern)

Owner/Administrator:  Unknown


Title:  Dole Fuel Oil Mural

Artist(s):  Erich Preis, Jane Spalholz, Lea Quint, and Vincent Spadalo

Year of Creation:  2011

(NOTE:  The entire wall bearing this mural appears to have been painted over sometime prior to 1/14/16.)

Medium:  Paint on cement

Description:  This mural presents a montage of representational depictions of athletes engaged in various sports.

Markings/Inscriptions:  To the left of the mural and below the Dole Fuel Oil sign:
Spirit of Huntington Art Center
Artist:  Erich Preis
Artist:  Jane Spalholz
Artist:  Lea Quint
Artist:  Vincent Spadalo

Hamlet:  Halesite

Street/Site Location:  Dole Fuel Oil, 100 New York Ave.

Owner/Administrator:  Dole Fuel Oil

 Title:  Canterbury Ales Mural

Artist(s):  Phillip Jordan & Celia Kimbal

Year of Creation:  1980

Medium:  Paint on cement

Description:  Entire side of building painted to create the illusion of an English pub, including faux Tudor wood beams, faux stained glass windows, and medieval scenes.  The brickwork and all but two of the upper story windows are "trompe l'oeil" elements of the mural.  (NOTE:  Canterbury Ales Pub no longer occupies this building and, although some portions of the mural still remain, several areas have been removed or covered over.)

Hamlet:  Huntington Village

Street/Site Location:  Canterbury Ales, 314 New York Ave.

Owner/Administrator:  Frank Pavone