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A Plumbing Permit is required in cases where any plumbing work is being done in connection with any other work being performed in accordance with an existing Building Permit. (In the case of properties within one of Huntington's incorporated villages–Asharoken, Huntington Bay, Lloyd Harbor and Northport–the permit function is handled by your village building officials.)

Permit Filing Instructions. The following must be submitted and accepted prior to the issuance of a Plumbing Permit:

1. Application consisting of two (2) completed Plumbing Permit Application (87-13) forms filled out to include name of owner, owner’s telephone number, address of premises, nearest cross street, address owner, name of plumber’s name, license number, address and telephone number. Notes to applicants: 
a. Homeowners: A homeowner filing for a Plumbing Permit to do their own plumbing work under an existing Building Permit should indicate this in the space provided for “Name of Plumber” and execute the Homeowner’s certification form. A Homeowner’s Diagram (floor plan) of the area to be inspected must be provided. 
b. Building Permit: The Building Permit number must be entered in the space provided on the Plumbing Permit form.
c. Plumbing Fixtures: A complete list of fixtures must be indicated in the space provided. Use the space provided under “Other” for any unlisted items. (Failure to list every item can cause delays that occur when a permit amendment is required.) 
d. Amendments: In some cases permit amendments are unavoidable.  An amendment may require payment of an additional fee. If so, final approval of the Plumbing Permit is dependent upon payment of the fee. Also note that without final approval of the Plumbing Permit, the Building & Housing department is prohibited from issuing a Certificate of Occupancy.
e. Gas: Applications for any gas equipment and appliance installations must be signed by a plumber with a master license issued by the Town of Huntington. Further all work must be done by a licensed master plumber. Be sure to indicate under the space for “Other” under Plumbing Fixtures any gas equipment/appliances to be installed. 
f. Signatures: Only one signature is required, either licensed plumber or homeowner, as applicable. 
In the case of an application submitted by a plumber, the application must be signed and notarized and must include plumbers license number. 
In the case of an application submitted by the homeowner to legalize existing plumbing work or plumbing to be done by a resident homeowner, only the signed and notarized application is necessary. (No plumber license number is required.) 
g. New Dwellings: Only a plumber licensed by the Town of Huntington may submit a Plumbing Permit application for a new dwelling. A “Resident Owner” application may only be used for alterations in an existing dwelling. 
2Diagram for each application for a Plumbing Permit must be submitted. 
a. New construction and alterations must provide a riser diagram, noting all materials and pipe diameters. 
b. Gas installations must provide a riser diagram noting the location and size of the piping to the meter. 
c. Existing plumbing work installed without a permit, the homeowner must sign the Homeowners Certification Built without a Plumbing Permit and must provide a diagram of the area to be inspected. 
d. Lawn sprinklers systems must provide a diagram of the water tap up to the manifold. 
e. Cesspools must provide a plot diagram showing the direction and distance from the building to the septic tank and overflow. Indicate the number and size of the rings and whether there is a dome or slab. 
3Fees and related information is available in its entirety in Huntington Town Code (Section 153-4). Please take note: 
a. Fees for all work done without the proper permit are charged a penalty of triple the original permit fee due.   
b. The permit fee for plumbing and drainage is fifty dollars ($50) for the first three fixtures and ten dollars ($10) each additional fixture thereafter. See list of Common Plumbing Fixtures subject to permit fees. 
c. Gas installation permit fees are seventy-five dollars ($75) for the first three items and ten dollars ($10) for each additional item. There is an additional fee of thirty-five dollars ($35) for each re-inspection visit (after installation of an item has been disapproved on a prior inspection).
d. Appliance installation permit fees are ten dollars ($10) for items such as a dishwasher, garbage disposal unit, water-cooled refrigerator, water-cooled air conditioner, electric water cooler, water heater, clothes dryer, washing machine and hose bibs.
e. Irrigation Systems for one-family and two-family dwellings are seventy-five cents (75₵) per sprinkler head with a minimum fee of twenty-five dollars ($25) For installations on all other classifications of property the fee is seventy-five cents (75₵) per sprinkler head with a minimum fee of one hundred dollars ($100).
f. Fire Suppression and Fire Sprinkler Systems are regulated under Huntington Town Code (Section 111-21). Applications for permits to install fire sprinkler and fire suppression systems must be submitted to the Bureau of Fire Prevention, located in Town Hall (Room 105). Phone: (631) 351-3138.

4. Accessory Apartments 
a. Complete the Plumbing Permit application as set out above.
b. Include the accessory apartment resolution number on the upper left corner and submit a copy of the resolution, accessory apartment permit application and floor plan. The Accessory Apartment Bureau is located in the Town Hall Basement Floor (Room G-9). Phone: (631) 351-0008 or (631) 351-3340. 
c. If a Gas Appliance is being installed. the application must be signed by a plumber with a master license issued by the Town of Huntington. Only a licensed master plumber shall perform the work. 
d. If a Building Permit has been issued indicate the number in the space provided. If a permit is not required, then write “N/A”. 
e. The fees are the same as set out above. Fees for plumbing work done without a permit are also tripled. 

Notes. After the application is completed and the required fees are paid, the Plumbing Permit number will be assigned. A copy of the Plumbing Permit is provided to the plumber or the homeowner as applicable. A copy of the Plumbing Permit shall be kept on site when the work is being done. Inspections may be scheduled as soon as a Plumbing Permit has been issued. No work is authorized to start until the Plumbing Permit has been issued.