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Municipal Clerks’ Week May 5-11, 2024

Andrew P. Raia

Town of Huntington Jo-Ann Raia Archives

In celebration of Municipal Clerks’ Week this year, Andrew P. Raia, Huntington Town Clerk and Records Management Officer, presents a new exhibit, “Native, Extinct and Invasive Species”, featuring terrestrial and aquatic species in our area that benefit or harm our ecosystems. The exhibit also introduces extinct and endangered species.
The exhibit can be seen on the first floor, outside the Town Clerk’s Department, and on the third floor, across from the Council Office, from May through December 2024. It can be viewed during Town Hall business hours, Monday – Friday, 8:30am to 4:30pm.
To enhance the exhibit, a handout has been developed and it is offered to the public free of charge.
For further information please contact the Town Archivist at 631-351-3035 or

“Native, Extinct and Invasive Species” Handout


Legal History of the Town of Huntington 2023



All Hallows Month 2023

Have you heard?

Hattie Schreck, the unfortunate young woman who was engaged to Francis Asbury Hawkins of Islip will be visiting us during “All Hallows Month” to tell us why her fiancé was sentenced to hang. Islip Town Constable who arrested Asbury will accompany her.

Can you guess who murdered The Smiths at the Gardiner Farmhouse?

Why did Mary Sutten steal Mrs. Lide’s curtains?

Who broke Mr. Van Wycke’s heart?

Have you visited Strawberry Hill lately?

Don’t allow Richard Latting to come to Town!!!

Visit us during Tuesdays and Thursdays in the month of October from 1pm -3pm and find out.


Don’t miss out All Hallows Night on October 26th from 5pm to 7:30pm when Town departments will hold an open house.

It will be a night of suspense, fine entertainment, discussions with Town employees, networking, and much, much more.

These events are offered to the public free of charge, courtesy of Town Clerk Andrew P. Raia. For more information and to reserve a spot please call the Town Clerk’s Department at 631-351-3381 or 631-351-3035.




2022 Farming Exhibit


Commonly Requested Application Forms

  1. Birth Certificate Transcripts: Download an application or order a copy online at: and follow the prompts for the Town of Huntington.
  2. Death Certificate Transcripts: Download an application or order a copy online at: and follow the prompts for the Town of Huntington.
  3. Marriage Certificate Transcripts: Download an application or order a copy online at: and follow the prompts for the Town of Huntington.
  4. Disability Parking Permits: Download an application and return it by mail or fax (with a copy of your Driver's License) to Fax: (631) 351-3205 or by mail to: Huntington Town Hall, Town Clerk's Office (Room 102), 100 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743.

The following license and permit applications can be downloaded online and mailed to the Town Clerk’s office, along with a check written to Andrew P. Raia, Town Clerk:

  1. Dog Licenses: Download an application and mail in after completed.
  2. Resident Commuter Parking Permit: Download an application and mail in after completed.
  3. Non-Resident Commuter Parking Permit: Download an application and mail in after completed.
  4. Download permit applications for Taxi, Tow Truck, Peddler, and Sound Devices and mail in after completed.
  5. For other Town permits and licenses, please download an application and follow the instructions for the specific permit or license you are seeking.
  6. Download Town Board Materials (Resolutions, Agendas, Minutes). (If you do plan on participating in the public hearings, we advise that you participate via email at (or by postal mail) so that your comments are included on the record and distributed to all Town Board members.)

Return these applications (with payment, if required, made out to Andrew P. Raia, Town Clerk,) by mail to: Huntington Town Hall, Town Clerk's Office (Room 102), 100 Main Street, Huntington, NY 11743.

Town Clerk


Monday - Friday (8:30 am4:15 pm) -  please call 631-351-3206

Mission and Operating Environment

In addition to General Operations, the operating environment for the Town Clerk’s Office is divided into four separate duty areas: Commissioner of Licenses, Registrar of Vital Statistics, Secretary to the Town Board and Records Management Officer.

General Operations

The Town Clerk’s Office provides the general public, residents and non-residents, attorneys, accountants and other professionals with information on varied subjects including, but not limited to, local government services, town ordinances, local laws, State and local license and permit requirements, maintenance of related records pertaining to the issuance of those licenses and permits as well as issuing and maintaining records for Resident and Non-Resident Commuter Parking permits. In addition to assisting residents that walk into Town Hall, a large portion of work is generated through mail, e-mail, facsimile, telephone and internal Town Hall Department requests.

Commissioner of Licenses for New York State

As licensing agent, the Town Clerk is responsible for the issuing New York State licenses such as Sporting and Marriages Licenses, One- day Marriage Officiant Licenses (effective March 28, 2023), Disability Parking Permits and authority for issuing of Bingo and Games of Chance Licenses, among others. The Town Clerk’s office also issues Local Licenses and Permits : Dog, Shellfish, Taxicab, Tow Truck, Peddler, Refuse, Automobile Junk Yard, Commuter Parking Permits, Christmas Tree Sale Permits, Sound Permits, Landscaper Registration, among others.

The Town Clerk also serves as Commissioner of Elections for Special Elections held within the Town. As Marriage Officer for the Town of Huntington, the Town Clerk has authority to perform Civil Marriage Ceremonies.

Registrar of Vital Statistics

The Town Clerk serves as the Registrar of Vital Statistics for the Town and the Incorporated Villages of Asharoken, Huntington Bay and Lloyd Harbor for the issuance and filing of Birth and Death Certificates. The Registrar of Vital Statistics processes births and deaths that occur in the Town (excluding births and deaths in the Village of Northport and the Federally run Veteran’s Administration Hospital in Northport), as well as daily certified transcript requests. In addition the department also processes birth and death verifications for military, state and federal agencies. Requests are received from the NYS Department of Social Services and Child Protective Services for certified birth transcripts and Acknowledgments of Paternity transcripts. The Registrar processes certified transcripts of live birth and death certificates and Acknowledgments of Paternity that are mandated by State law, within the time period established for issuing, recording and filing Certificates of Live Birth Registration and Death Certificates with NYS Department of Health in Albany.

Secretary to the Town Board & Board of Trustees

The Town Clerk attends all Town Board Meetings acting as clerk, and is required to keep a complete and accurate record of the proceedings of each meeting. The Town Clerk is responsible for Town Board and Board of Trustees minutes, legal notices, certifications of Town records and acceptance of change of zone applications, among other responsibilities.

As Secretary to the Town Board, the Town Clerk is responsible for maintaining all of these records generated relative to Town Board meetings and Town Board matters including Town Board and Board of Trustee Agendas and Minutes in both paper and electronic form.

The Town Clerk is responsible for accepting legal paperwork including Notice of Claims, Duces Tecum, Summons and Complaints, Petitions, Zone Change applications and various other items.

The Town Clerk is responsible for filing all Local Laws with the New York Department of State, filing Home Rule Requests with the both Houses of the New York State Legislature and filing Street Dedications with various local agencies, among other mandates.

The Town Clerk is responsible for Legal Publishing and Postings of various Town Board proceedings, Executive orders and miscellaneous electronic postings for local Fire and Water Districts.

Records Management Officer

New York State mandates a Records Management Program. The Town Clerk is Records Management Officer (RMO) for the Town of Huntington and shall oversee the Records Management Program, whose mission is to provide the ongoing, coordinated, administrative effort to systematically manage the Town of Huntington’s records from initial creation to final disposition, in addition to the Archives, which stores the Town’s historical records. As Records Management Officer, the Town Clerk maintains jurisdiction of the Records Center and Archives, and oversees the Town’s Records Management Program.

An Outreach Program has been established that the State uses as a model and the “Guide to the Archival Records and Manuscripts of the Town of Huntington” is used in the workshops given by the State Archives. The Outreach Program is continually expanding and from June 2011 through May 2012, approximately 100 individuals visited the Archives for research, presentations, and tours. E-mail and telephone inquiries regarding research amounted to 480. The Town Clerk’s Archives displays several exhibits annually and has motivated residents to contact our office to display their private collections. 
In addition to these exhibits, the Archives participate in many historical events throughout the Town, in conjunction with the Town Historian and local historical organizations, such as Women’s History Month. 
The Records Center stores, retrieves and disposes of all Town Departments’ inactive records on a continuing basis.

Legal Authority

Section 30 of Town Law of the State of New York; Town Law, Sections 65a(4) and 90; Municipal Home Rule Law, Section 27(6); Public Officers Law, Sections 31(5) and 87(3)(c); Election Law; Domestic Relations Law, newly adopted Sections 10a, 10g and 13-d; Public Health Law – Article 41, Section 4100; Alcohol Beverage Control Law, Section 64(2a); General Business Law, Article 29-F(Sections 580-596); General Municipal Law, Article 14-H(Section 480,498) – Article 9(Sections 185-195n) and Section 50f; Environmental Conservation Law, Sections 11-0713; Local Government Records Law (Chapter 737, Laws of 1987), Article 57-A, Arts and Cultural Affairs Law. During the course of the year, the Town Board adopts various local laws or amends existing resolutions to direct the Town Clerk to issue new or additional licenses, new filing requirements, and additional regulations that affect existing licenses issued.

On September 26, 2006, the Town Board adopted Local Law Numbers 2007-24, 2007-25, 2007-26, 2007-27 that require the Town Clerk to issue free parking passes to residents who own Hybrid and/or Alternative Fuel Vehicles. (On March 4, 2014 the Town Board adopted Local Law Number 2014-8, eliminating free parking for Hybrid and/or Alternative Fuel Vehicles).  The new Freedom Of Information Law (F.O.I.L) legislation adopted by the State requires local governments to accept F.O.I.L. requests by e-mail.

On December 14, 2010 the Town Board adopted Local Law Number 31-2010, amending the Code of the Town of Huntington Chapter 78 (Animals), authorizing the Town Clerk to issue dog licenses and retain record of issuance in the Town Clerk’s office (previously regulated by Agriculture & Markets Law, Article 7).

On May 22, 2012 the Town Board adopted Resolution 2012-245 executing a contract with the NYSDOT, transferring ownership and operation of LIRR Station 38 bicycle locker facilities to the Town, further directing that the Town Clerk shall take over the handling of all paperwork involved in the Bicycle Locker program in addition to related annual rental fees and security key deposits.

Contact Information

Hon. Andrew P. Raia
Town Clerk
Marriage Officer
Registrar of Vital Statistics

Town Hall (Room 102)
100 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743

Phone: (631) 351-3206
Fax: (631) 351-3205

Department Divisions

Licensing Agent
(631) 351-3206
Registrar of Vital Statistics
(631) 351-3206
Secretary to the Town Board 
(631) 351-3206

Records Mgmt Officer

Antonia S. Mattheou
(631) 351-3035