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Huntington Beautification Advisory Council

Beautification Advisory Council Members                                                   

Contact Information

 Jo-Ann Raia, Co-Chair (exp. 2024) Town Hall Room 212
 Tania Mouscardy Johnson, Co-Chair (exp. 2024) 100 Main Street
 Pat Feder (exp. 2024) Huntington, NY 11743
 Loretta N. Ehrlich (exp. 2024) Phone: (631) 351-3196
 Sandy Prior (exp. 2022) Fax: (631) 351-3257
 John Pryputniewicz (exp. 2022) Email:
 Judith Werber (exp. 2022)  
 Barbara Wildfeir (exp. 2022)

Beautification Awards

The Beautification Advisory Council was created in 1969 to help maintain and expand upon the natural beauty and appearance of the Town of Huntington.  Members are appointed by the Town Board and serve in a voluntary capacity. The Council meets monthly and shall:

A. Make recommendations to and cooperate with the proper town authorities, departments and agencies concerning landscaping and general appearances of all areas in the Town of Huntington.

B. Continue expressing the importance of community involvement, and engage the public’s assistance in developing and preserving a beautiful Town of Huntington.

C. Appoint advisory groups and committees necessary to extend the efforts and purposes of the Council. 

D. Investigate, research and collaborate with other entities, when appropriate, to fund beautification projects consistent with the pursuit of the Council's endeavors.

E. Advise the Town Board and the Director of the Department of Planning and Environment of grants and other funding available and the reasonable basis for allocation of these funds to beautification programs consistent with the purpose of this chapter.