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Huntington Youth Court

“Justice for Youth by Youth”

Huntington Youth Court is a community-based prevention and intervention program that has been in operation for over a decade that provides an alternative to the regular juvenile justice system for first-time, juvenile misdemeanor offenders.

The Court is run for youth by youth. First time-youthful offenders under age 16, have the opportunity to have their case heard by a group of their peers, acting in all judicial capacities: prosecuting and defending attorneys, judges, bailiffs and juries.

Prior to being sworn in, youth volunteers attended a ten week, two-hour per week training course. Topics include Conflict Resolution, Juvenile Law and Trial and Courtroom Etiquette. Volunteers learn how to prosecute and defend, the proper way to address the judge in the courtroom and how to make opening and closing statements. After completing training, volunteers must pass a “bar exam” and complete practicing “mock” trials. Training is done under the supervision of local attorneys who donate their time to Youth Court.

The concept of “Restorative Justice” is a major theme underlining the Youth Court program: rather than punish, the goal is rehabilitative and helping those accused of minor crimes to become better and more empowered citizens.

All Huntington Youth Court programs are free of charge to residents of the Town of Huntington. 

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Village Green Center
3rd Floor
423 Park Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: (631) 271-5547
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