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Important Information About the Proposed Metered Parking in Huntington Village

There has been a lot of discussion about a Proposed plan by the Town of Huntington to add metered parking in Huntington Village. We would like to take this opportunity to clear up misinformation and provide factual clarification as follows:

The discussion is to maintain free parking in Huntington Village at the following locations:


  • Nathan Hale Lot between Nathan Hale Drive & West Neck Road
  • Upper Elm Street Lot
  • The former Chase Bank lot at the corner of Gerard Street and New York Avenue
  • The adjacent municipal lot to the North of the former Chase Bank
  • Municipal Lot # 50 next to the Elks Club

In addition to these lots, all existing street parking that is currently non-metered will remain free.

The Town is considering to add metered spaces in these locations:


  •  At New/Green Street Lot
  • The lower Elm Street Lot
  • The Gerard Street Lot (Across from the Post Office)
  • The Clinton Street Lot
  • The East Carver Street Lot
  • The Cold Spring Harbor Village Lot
  • The Woodbine Marina Lot in Northport Village

This proposed metered parking plan is subject to a Public Hearing which will be scheduled before the end of the year.