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Emergency Management

The Town Supervisor is the Chief Executive Officer and chief Emergency Management Officer. The Supervisor’s Office manages the Emergency Preparedness (EP) function from Town Hall, or upon declaration of a disaster, from a specially equipped Emergency Operations Center (EOC) where the Town can coordinate with first responders and other levels of government on a continuous 24-hour per day basis throughout the duration of the emergency.

By definition, an emergency is a “sudden, urgent, usually unexpected occurence or occasion requiring immediate action.” Coping with an emergency, requires advance planning to ensure that the action required goes smoothly.

The Town of Huntington works throughout the year to refine its emergency management plan, which the Supervisor puts into action when an event such as a hurricane or a blizzard occurs. As part of the emergency response, the supervisor can activate the Town’s Emergency Operations Center to coordinate communications and actions.

You, too, should take steps to prepare for an emergency such as a hurricane or blizzard. You can begin by signing up for Huntington Alert, the Town’s emergency notification system, or downloading the Hurricane Preparedness Handbook.You can also find helpful information both here and on the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s website.

Contact Information

Michael Pastore 
EP Coordinator
Town Hall
100 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743
(631) 351-3162