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Environmental Open Space & Park Fund Advisory Committee (EOSPA)

 EOSPA Members           

Contact Information

Kevin Lyons
Dennis Garetano
Ken-Patrick Johnson
Lisa Brieff
Carmine Pittelli
Alex Borg, Huntington Township Chamber of Commerce
Barbara Haerter, Greenway Trails Committee
David Hunt, Scouting/Suffolk BSA
Mark McAteer (Chair), 1653 Foundation
Laura McKellar, Huntington Conservation Board
Dr. James Wright (Vice Chair), Suffolk County Board of Park Trustees

Mark McAteer, Chair
Elana Israel-Edgar, EOSPA Coordinator
Ed Gathman, Special Counsel
Doreen McNiff, Secretary

Town Hall (Room 212)
100 Main Street
Huntington, NY 11743
Phone: (631) 351-3196
Fax: (631) 351-3257


The EOSPA Committee was formed in 1998 to develop criteria for acquisition of ownership, rights in interests in land for active- and passive-parkland and recreational use, and preservation of open space, in order to place before the voters of the Town of Huntington an Open Space Bond Act of $15-million. 

After the voters overwhelmingly adopted the Open Space Bond Act, the Town Board charged the EOSPA Committee with the duty of advising and recommending to the Board use of bond act funds park and open space acquisition and improvement.*

Huntington voters subsequently replenished the Open Space fund in 2003 ($30 million) and in 2008 ($15 million) expanding the scope of potential projects to include “neighborhood enhancements” and green energy efficiency improvements.

To date, the Town Board has approved the acquisition of more than forty properties recommended by the EOSPA committee and some seventy park, neighborhood and green energy improvement projects that enhance, beautify and improve the quality of life for Town residents.

The EOSPA Committee, whose members are appointed by the Town Board, meets monthly. In addition Committee members make site visits to walk all properties considered by the Committee for recommendation to the Town Board.

 The Committee meets the second Thursday of the month at 6:30 PM.

*See: Huntington Town Code, Chapter 21, of Town Code, Environmental Open Space & Park Funds


Green Project Recommendation Form PDF | Online Form
Neighborhood Enhancement Recommendation Form PDF | Online Form
Open Space Acquisition Recommendation Form PDF | Online Form
Park Improvement Recommendation Form PDF | Online Form


2024 Meetings Schedule – Subject to change

January 11

July 11

February 8

August 8

March 7

September 12

April 18

October 10

May 9

November 14

June 13

December 12