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Sanitation Services Information Post-Storm Isaias August 5, 2020:

Statement from Highway Superintendent Kevin S. Orelli regarding tree debris from Tropical Storm Isaias on August 4, 2020:  

All storm related debris left at the curb will be picked up by the Highway Department, no need to bundle. This includes all Town, County, and State roads within the Town of Huntington. If possible, please do not place the debris in the street, but in the area behind the curb.

KEVIN S. ORELLI, Superintendent of Highways

As stated above the Highway Department will be collecting tree debris generated by Tropical Storm Isaias.  However residents are advised that the Highway Department may be doing only a single pass through each street for cleanup so it is important to know if your street has already been serviced, or when service is scheduled. You can contact the Highway Department at 499-0444 or visit the Town of Huntington Highway Department webpage at for additional information.

Any yardwaste not collected by the Highway Department that is left curbside will be handled by the sanitation carters working for the Department of Environmental Waste Management. The Town’s sanitation carters are following the normal collection schedule. Residents are advised that curbside yardwaste collection is scheduled every other week through October. Please consult the printed calendar or on-line schedule for yardwaste collections weeks. Both formats indicate yardwaste collection weeks on Sundays, however yardwaste is not collected on Sundays, it is collected on your scheduled yardwaste day.

Curbside yardwaste collection is intended for the removal of plant debris, garden waste, trimmings and prunings created by regular maintenance of residential properties by homeowners. Grass is prohibited from curbside collection by Town Code. Curbside collected yardwaste is manually loaded by laborers into garbage trucks for transport to the permitted disposal facility. The specifications for disposal have been set so that laborers are not injured while picking up the debris, while also setting a size for the materials so they will not damage the hydraulics of the packer unit in the garbage truck.

Refuse trucks and their hydraulics are not meant for large tree debris, including large branches, limbs, boughs, trunks and stumps. These items would damage the equipment. It is for this reason that yard waste specifications require that any sections of the trunk of the tree be split into pieces less than 5” in diameter and less than 4’ in length. Any debris larger than this requires heavy equipment that only the Highway Department has for curbside collection and transport.

There is a 10 bag/bundle limit per curbside yardwaste collection. Any amounts exceeding this limit must be held behind the property until the next yardwaste collection week.  Yard waste not meeting these specifications or exceeding ten items will deemed a violation and nothing will be collected.




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