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Taxpayer Information & FAQ's

Important Dates

     Day Tax Event or Deadline 
 •  Dec 1 Tax Year Begins.
 •  Dec 16-20 Tax bills mailed out
 •  Jan 10 Deadline for first half tax payment without penalty.
 •  Mar 1 Deadline for filing STAR, Veteran, Senior Citizen and other exemptions with the Assessor. Call (631) 351-3226 for more information.
 •  May 31 Deadline for second half tax payments without penalty.
 •  Nov 30    Tax year ends.


Tax Payment Hours:     9:00am  -   4:00pm   (Monday - Friday)     

Tax Office Hours:          8:00am  -  5:30pm   (Monday - Friday)               

 Frequently Asked Questions

What Period Does the Tax Year Cover? The period your tax bill covers is a fiscal year that begins on December 1 and ends on November 30 of the following year.

When are Tax Bills Mailed? The Town Receiver of Taxes mails tax bills mid-December.  If you don't receive your tax bill contact the Tax Office at (631) 351-3217. 

Who Gets a Tax Bill? The property owner will receive a bill each year in December.  If the property owner pays the taxes directly, the bill is a payment copy sent with payment instructions and a return envelope.  If the property owner has an escrow account with a mortgage company, the owner receives an “Information Only” copy of the bill, and the mortgage company receives the payment information directly.  Senior citizens or disabled persons may designate a third party to receive copies of their bills.  Contact the Tax Office for a third party notification form.

Does My Mortgage Company Know about My STAR or Other Exemptions? Yes.  Your mortgage company receives information regarding the payment due.  All exemptions are reflected in the amount provided to the mortgage company.

When are Taxes Due? Taxes are payable to the Receiver of Taxes from December 1 - May 31. Taxes may be paid in two installments. The first half is due by January 10 without interest or penalty. The second half is due by May 31 with out interest or penalty. 

What Happens If I Pay My Taxes Late? After January 10, there is a 1% per month interest charge added to the unpaid first half tax amount until May 31.

Late Payments Interest Charge
Jan 11 - Feb 10  1%
Feb 11 - Mar 10 2%
Mar 11 - Apr 10 3%
Apr 11 - May 10 4%
May 11 - May 31 5%

After May 31, taxes become delinquent and are payable to the Suffolk County Comptroller.  In addition to the tax amount due, a 5% penalty is added together with interest at the rate of 1% per month calculated from February 1.  (Note: Interest is calculated on the total of tax and penalty).

I Did Not Receive My Tax Bill.  Must I Pay Penalties and Interest?  Yes.  It is the responsibility of the taxpayer to pay taxes on property they own.  Even if  the owner does not receive a tax bill, it is the owner’s obligation to secure a tax bill and make payment.  The taxpayer, therefore, is liable for all penalties and interest on late payments.

To Whom Do I Make the Payment and Where is it Mailed?  Payments made between December and May are paid to Jillian Guthman, Receiver of Taxes and mailed to: 
  Jillian Guthman, Esq., Receiver of Taxes
  Town Hall
100 Main Street
  Huntington NY 11743-6990

Payments made after May 31st are paid to Suffolk County Comptroller and mailed to: 

Suffolk County Comptroller, 330 Center Drive, Riverhead, NY 11901
Are Postmarks Accepted or Must My Payment Reach the Office by the Due Date?  Tax payments sent by the US mail are credited by the date postmarked on the envelope.  A postage-metered postmark is NOT acceptable. It is suggested that a taxpayer making a tax payment by mail close to a deadline date should take the mail to the Post Office and have it hand stamped, or send it certified or registered mail.

May I Pay My Taxes in Person?  Yes, payment hours are 9:00-4:00.  There is also a Black Tax Payment Drop Box at the rear entrance to Town Hall where you can drop your payment in a envelope addressed to Tax Receiver.   

What are the Different Forms of Payment I Can Use?   Taxes in the Town of Huntington can be paid with cash, check, money order, E-check or major credit card see the Payment Instruction tab for more information.  DISCOVER/NOVUS cards can be used when making a payment in person or by mail directly with the receiver's office.  Please see our PAY ONLINE tab for all other credit cards and DISCOVER/NOVUS options using ACI (Official Payments).  Tax Payments made by Credit Card or E-Check are subject to a CONVENIENCE FEE.  Third Party Checks Are Not Accepted

My Check was Returned Unpaid ("Bounced").  Will the Tax Receiver Re-Deposit My Check?   No.  Any check, credit card payment or e-check returned unpaid will not be re-deposited.  The tax payment will be cancelled and a $20.00 returned check charge will be added to the payment in addition to any appropriate penalty or interest charge.

What If I Can't Pay the Total Amount Due?  Partial payments of $200.00 or more plus any interest and penalties are accepted both by the Town Receiver of Taxes and the Suffolk County Comptroller.  Additional interest and penalties are only charged against the remaining unpaid balance.

I Have Moved - Who Do I Contact to Change My Address?  If you still own the property notify the Receiver of Taxes.  Do not rely on the post office to forward mail indefinitely. Inform the Receiver of Taxes if you wish to have tax bills mailed to an address other than the property location.  If you have sold the property and still receive a tax bill, contact the Receiver of Taxes with the name of the new owner.

I Just Purchased Property in The Town Of Huntington.  Do I Need to Contact Anyone Regarding Real Property Taxes? Since it is the owner’s responsibility to pay taxes on property they own, it is recommended that you immediately notify the Receiver of Taxes to obtain a current bill to ascertain the amount of the tax payment and when the payment is due.

I have Paid-Off My Mortgage and Taxes had been Escrowed by My Mortgage Company.  Who Do I Notify Regarding My Real Property Tax Bill?  You should contact the Receiver of Taxes to request that future bills be sent directly to you.  Make sure the Receiver has your correct mailing address and advises you when the next payment is due.

Will The Town Take My Property If I do not Pay My Taxes?  The Town is not involved in the delinquency process.  If taxes remain unpaid by the date of the tax lien sale (usually in December of the current year), the County Comptroller will sell a tax lien to the County of Suffolk.

Can I find prior years tax information on the Town's Website?:  Information for prior years and payments made after May 31 are available at the Suffolk County Comptroller's Office (631 852-3000).

Where do I Mail My Delinquent Tax Payment? 
After May 31, you must make your check payable to the Suffolk County Comptroller and mail with property information to: 
         Suffolk County Comptroller
         330 Center Drive
         Riverhead, NY 11901-3311.