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Sound Device Permits*   

*Per Huntington Town Code, Chapter 141, Noise                               
  Sound Device Application (PDF)

In order to promote the public health, comfort, convenience, peace, good order, safety, welfare and prosperity of the Town of Huntington and its inhabitants, the Town Board has enacted a code to regulate the use of various acts which could cause excessive noise. A permit is required for the use of sound devices other than for advertising purposes. It shall be unlawful for any person to use or operate any sound device or apparatus in, on, near or adjacent to any public street, park or place unless he shall have first obtained a permit, to be issued by the Town Clerk complying with the provisions of Huntington Town Code, Chapter 141, Noise and the terms and conditions described in such permit.

Application for Permit

Each applicant for a permit shall file a written application by the owner of the property, a lessee of the property or their designated agent with the Town Clerk no less than 3 business days that shall describe: 

  • Specific location where the sound device or apparatus is proposed to be used.
  • Hours of day during which it will be used or operated.
  • Volume of sound which is proposed to be used, measured by decibels or by any other efficient method of measuring sound.
  • Other pertinent information as the Town Clerk may deem necessary to carry out the provisions of this section.
  • Note- if the designated agent is the applicant, the application shall be consented to and acknowledged in writing by the owner or lessee of the property. 
  • Fee: $25 per event - Note: A penalty of twenty dollars ($20.00) shall be charged to the maker of a check returned for insufficient funds.

Issuance of Permit

Each permit issued shall describe:

  • Specific location where such sound device may be used or operated
  • Exact period of time for which such apparatus or device may be operated in such location
  • Maximum volume of sound which may be employed in such use or operation
  • Other terms and conditions as may be necessary for the purpose of securing the health, safety, comfort, convenience and peaceful enjoyment by the people of their right to use the public streets, parks or places for streets, parks or other public purposes, protecting the health, welfare and safety of the inhabitants of the Town and securing the peace, quiet and comfort of the neighboring inhabitants.